Debbie Does Dallas (1978)

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deb2A popular high school cheerleader in a small Texas town, the bubbly blonde Debbie, dreams of auditioning for the cheerleading squad of Dallas’s professional football team, but this lone starlet cannot handle the big trip’s expenses herself.

After learning of her predicament, her sweet and innocent teammates all agree to pitch in. Working various odd jobs alongside Debbie, they sacrifice time with their boyfriends to help their friend realize her heart’s desire.

These nubile young women, unable to deny their curiosity, soon discover the hidden obessions of their employers, along with their own awakening desires.


The movie never loses sight of keeping the cute, lithe girls the center of attention. They perfectly look the part of small-town, girl-next-door cheerleaders of that era. Fresh faces with little, if any, cosmetics and not a shaved groin are to be found in the entire naturally firm-breasted squad.

Because her recitation in the beginning is so awkward and artificial, Debbie appears to have been chosen solely due to her angelic face and perky breasts, arguably the best of the entire cast. However, that quibble is easily forgotten amid Debbie’s many solid performances. Without severe hitches, the rest of the ensemble delivers their lines well, with a more practiced ease.

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Overall, the sex acts by the cheerleaders are well done and believable, in reaction to the partners and focus on the acts themselves. With eyes closed, the girls appear deep in the mood while giving head, making their expressions after the two spectacular facials even more outstanding, albeit for separate reasons.

A single performance mistake, one striking cliche of artificial arousal, mars two of the best sequences in the entire film. Annoyingly repetitive, the monotonous exclamations, “Oh, Mister (surname)!” might be overlooked had it not been duplicated later by another actress. The otherwise lack of exaggerated facial contortions and overwrought orgasmic screams keeps the burgeoning sexpots believable and enjoyable.

Shot attractively on location, with not a single phony studio set in sight, the movie keeps the audience well grounded in the unexplored desires lurking beneath the rigid moral exterior of small town life. Screw Peyton Place, Winesburg Ohio, and the rest of those stale pretenders to the genre!

Uniform lighting basks each physical encounter, which keeps the girls visible although, lacking of minor variations, begins to feel artificial and studio-like toward the end with its absence of variation.

An instrumental musical underscores the actor’s audible reactions and minimal dialogue during the physical action. With only some garbled conversations during the opening shower sequence, sound flaws do not detract from the film’s mood.

A mixed bag, the editing of the cute ensemble of cheerleaders lacks consistency, easily noticeable in both 3-ways. Although more camera-friendly positions of the bookended 3-ways avert the tangled, confused mess of orgy filming, one actress in each situation is needlessly short changed of screen time by either the cameraman or the editor.

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Such a joyous parade of cheerleaders marching into each exciting, adventurous sexual avenues cannot conceal the squandered camera choices when those streets come alive. Wasted opportunities at fully showing these girls enjoying sex bucks the trend of well considered choices of location and situation.

An ever present complaint in future reviews here will be of unnecessarily myopic tunnel-vision or target fixation of camera close-ups on actors’ penises. While an almost unavoidable view for blow jobs, little excuse exists for its lingering as the missionary position or other non-fellatio act happens. In general, it should be a minor shot used to avoid redundancy in the action, with the majority of attention given to as much of the girl’s body as possible.

In a minor note, an early complication successfully propels the plot and develops the characters; the movie would also profit from another near the end. For an ostensibly simple story of blossoming female sexuality mixed with illegality, many possibilities are available to introduce more tensions into the story for the sex to relieve or heighten.

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With moments of refreshing playfulness found in a coming-of-age teen softcore flick, the entire film stays energized from its active, vibrant imagination. Its varied situations and strong actresses are inspired and engaging.

Deep Throat, although an unabashed pioneer, was catapulted far beyond what it could achieve alone, classic status, largely due to the nationwide censorship groundswell that erupted beneath it. In making a challenging production look like a fun ride, Debbie Does Dallas reaches those heights completely by its own merits.

Total Grade: A

Specialty Grade


Screenplay B


Acting A


Cinematography B
applications-multimedia Film Editing B


Visual Effects B


Audio C


Sound Editing A


Audio Effects B


Musical Score B


Production Design A

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