Insatiable (1980)

April 7, 2013 by adamsunderground

The beautiful visuals, both location and actress shots, show a welcome competence in the technical aspect of movie making by this film’s creators, which many of its contemporaries lack. Marilyn Chamber’s professionalism in her role also at times reaches rare heights above the norm. But, with that short reach of achievements soon exhausted, all that remains to measure Insatiable is its stunted stature of deficient story structure. And here it is in its entirety:

Over the course of a single magical day, the following transpires. Sandra, played by Chambers, is an aimless and acclaimed actress with great inherited wealth, who’s recently relocated to an English country estate.  Her agent, Flo, arranges for her to meet her costar, Renee, before their upcoming film shoot. In several flash forwards (or flashbacks?) to London that consume half of the movie, Sandra explains her wonderfully listless life and blessed career to her wealthy old English aunt, who cannot stop kissing her niece’s famous ass–figuratively speaking. Back in the present, Renee arrives at Sandra’s mansion that morning, as well as Flo, who is Sandra’s second-most thorough interviewer of all things Sandra. Both guests soon depart, and Sandra goes for a drive in the countryside and comes back to the mansion before Flo and her boyfriend, Roger, arrive for dinner. Sandra, Flo, and Roger all dine together that evening, pleasantly discussing the new film project. Sandra goes to bed early and dreams while Roger and Flo stroll the grounds until he proposes marriage to Flo, who accepts. The end.


“Your miserable existence soils this proud uniform of the delivery boy if you cannot read between my lines.”

Insatiable’s horrible writing, editing, and storytelling periodically grind it to a gut-churning halt. Because it’s only worth fast forwarding through, the movie’s mysterious garnering of an industry award and at least one sequel can only be due to the brief pairing of the acting legends in its closing minutes. However, even then, the technical competence stumbles as the film completely fails to enhance the excitement its underutilized starlet brings just by walking onto the set.

Avoid this coke-fueled hallunciation of a movie. Period.

Total Grade: F

Specialty Grade


Screenplay F


Acting C


Cinematography B
applications-multimedia Film Editing F


Visual Effects C


Audio C


Sound Editing F


Audio Effects C


Musical Score F


Production Design B

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