Private Teacher (1983)

May 8, 2013 by adamsunderground

Withdrawn from the outside world, an orphaned college student, Jimmy, exasperates his aunt and guardian, Diane, by languishing each and every day locked in his bedroom, behind his telescope. This young voyeur of an ostensibly sleepy suburb desires only to watch the sordid sex parties hosted by his neighbors, a young pair of sexually insatiable women who enjoy light fem-dom games and sex with any random man they find. Unaware of Jimmy’s preoccupation, Diane hires a developmental specialist and tutor, the sophisticated Lilian, to break him free of a psychological barrier she fears is restraining his social and educational progress. However, Diane begins to realize that, like Jimmy, she too has been cocooning herself from participating in the outside world after television news broadcasts highlight loosening sexual mores in society.

In regard to its few faults, the film spends too much time with Debbie and Tina’s foreplay with fem-dom games. Private Teacher also wastes some time in showing Jimmy masturbate, where a simple allusion to it would suffice. Kay Parker’s classy Lilian does not get enough screen time, possibly as a result of that time mismanagement. In conclusion, two story threads get wrapped up in what feels to be a tacked-on ending, an unnecessary and cheap attempt to ride a competiting film’s coattails of scandalous sensationalism, a cash grab in the heat of a taboo fad.

Private Teacher has much worth praising, with the interesting contrast of immature and mature women, the careful progressions of Jimmy and Diane, and the competent performances and shooting of most scenes exceptionally standing out. Because the film carries the audience through the story with ease, an unobservant viewer could mistakenly take its solid craftsmanship for granted. The mature gals, played by the vivatious Honey Wilder and glorious Kay Parker, bring sensuous sexual energy to all their scenes, which should not be missed. Only in the bathtub lesbian interlude shot do young Joanna Storm and Laurie Smith come close in matching their costars’ skill.

Total Grade: B

Specialty Grade


Screenplay B


Acting B


Cinematography B
applications-multimedia Film Editing B


Visual Effects C


Audio B


Sound Editing C


Audio Effects C


Musical Score C


Production Design B


Adults Only


Expose Excellence in Erotic Film



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