More Sorority Stewardesses (1996)

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Everything about this movie falls short. In fact, the cheap film does not even try to present something worth watching. Nonexistent plot, shitty sets, amateur photography, stupid condoms, fake boobs, echoing audio, lame music, nonsensical dialogue, bland sex, and too much more to recount grate on the viewer.

Not even the weak disclaiming quote from its director, Jim Holliday, on the box cover can prepare you for how sloppy this work is:

“More Sorority Stewardesses picks up where Sorority Stewardesses left off with the Burton Allen Institute babes trying to earn their stewardess wings and develop the first national sorority at the school. As a moviemaker all I’ve ever tried to do is make fun & fluff features that concentrate on sex-which is, after all, what these movies are all about. They are for everyone who can suspend seriousness and step into a sexual fantasy world for a short visit to the halls of Burton Allen.”

The only thing this movie has going for it are a couple of starlets’ pretty faces, and the film even screws that up by focusing on a few square inches of groin during the sex. That tunnel vision/target fixation crap should have gone the way of disco. Was there also a mid-nineties revival by actresses of excessive lip licking and head tossing to invite whiplash? In between those robotic copulation sequences, attempts to make the characters funny with whacky dialogue and pop culture references fail terribly.

Since this video is not worth watching, in spite of Nina Hartley’s mesmerizing eyes, here are at least some of its pretty faces:

Stock photo of Kylie Ireland. Image by pbandy_2009, via Photobucket

Stock photo of Nina Hartley. Image by edward842, via Photobucket

Stock photo of JR Carrington. Image by 666krisiun, via Photobucket


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