Salvaging Scenes from Savage Snipping

August 19, 2013 by adamsunderground

Image by irviing, via Photobucket

Many modern digital movies offer prolonged shots of couples’ positioning, where their predecessors in the film and videotape eras could not. Those former restricted uses of media, while at times good for maintaining variety and sparking imagination, ultimately saved money on the work’s final creation of film and video copies. This came often at the expense of neglecting the audiences’ desire for more lingering glances on the action.

Software could automate the stitching together of over-edited scenes in digital video transferred from videotape or film, reviving the linear timeline of particular shots. Copyright holders of evergreen movie titles should consider adding this restored footage as special features in their DVD products, if nothing else but to wring the last few dollars out of that shrinking medium.

Image by anskulii, via Photobucket

Free software programs exist for creating panoramic landscapes by combining contiguous photographs into a composite image. Also, there is software that can find and compare similar images to identity duplicates in one’s photo collections. There are likely similar solutions for video consumers, which commercial distributors have not yet realized the demand for.


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