Karate Girls (1986)

August 26, 2013 by adamsunderground

Unintentional humor abounds in Karate Girls. If you love clumsily produced movies with scripts chock full of hammy dialogue—and are not sensitive about stereotypes, you’ll find many chuckles watching this video. The ridiculous starting sequence prepares the viewer to take nothing seriously about what follows for the next hour as a black garbed ninja openly darts about a house in broad daylight.

The threadbare kimono of a story can be summed up as such:
A listless blonde tired of boring convention, Sally takes the advice of her boyfriend and joins a local martial arts class. In it, she discovers excitement that her life has been sorely missing.


An incompetent disaster in its first half—it’s a surprise a crew member doesn’t walk directly past the camera’s vantage, Karate Girls noticeably improves midway in its story. It looks as if a more experienced director steps in, in hope of averting utter catastrophe, and upbraids the lax crew to restore focus to the production. This turning point may even be captured in the film itself. Amid a sex scene, the irritated director’s audible commands to the actress sneak past editing. These terse stage directions make a crane kick to the viewer’s head while the poor actress is in the middle of wrestling a guy who looks like a muscled, mustachioed older brother to Johnny, the blond “sweep the leg” bully, from The Karate Kid.


The great Jeannie Pepper. “Whatchu talkin’ about ‘White Ron Deen style?'”

Because none of the actors can string together a convincing combination of martial arts moves, the editor engages in psychedelic orgies of cheesy post-production video effects each time actors throw punches or kicks. These hilariously bad combinations of kaleidoscopes, mirrors, movement trails, and screen wipes evoke acid trips represented by TV and cinema in the decade prior. Very trippy–a total freakout, man.

So, if you’re in the mood for a guilty pleasure of similar taste to Mystery Science Theater 3000 fodder, but in adult film, Karate Girls offers many choking bits to marvel at…and a few savory surprises of natural talent in an anonymous student’s performance.

Total Grade: F

Specialty Grade


Screenplay D


Acting D


Cinematography F
applications-multimedia Film Editing F


Visual Effects F


Audio D


Sound Editing D


Audio Effects D


Musical Score F


Production Design D

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Adults Only


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