Dirty Laundry (1988)

September 23, 2013 by adamsunderground


It’s poker night, and three married men sit around a card table, drinking and joking into the wee hours of their Tuesday night ritual. However, no one can fully enjoy the boys’ night out as each has unique woman problems weighing on his mind. Their bragging, teasing, and whining around the poker table nearly composes the entirety of Dirty Laundry’s dialogue because everything else happens in flashback, showing each man’s tale of woe (or whoa). From the scant lines the actresses terribly deliver, it seems best that a fully formed plot had been avoided. DL barely rises above a stag film due its character’s prefacing each flashback with bare bones of context and its anti-climactic, morose ending of loneliness.


With the exception of a cameraman twice not seeing his own shadow splashed across an actress’ body, DL shows acceptable competency in its production. That basic level of quality spares this minimalist work from becoming trash like More Sorority Stewardesses. Each sex scene allows the actors approximately ten minutes of sweaty running time to splash around with, which dilutes many minor shooting slip ups in a sea of slick shots (e.g. the few shaky moments with the hand held cameras). Free of most audio troubles, the movie was recorded completely on a studio set. However, since close ups are prevalent throughout, the bland set design escapes all but the most observant and picky of viewers.

Depending on how you count the second sex scene, DL offers the audience either four or five encounters. Along with predictable flaws, each sequence has its own worthwhile example of quality. The first starts with sensual undressing, building anticipation with a good, patient execution of foreplay, before the actress performs an intense blow job. dl5Its mistake lies in her flat, monotonous vocal reactions to intercourse, ruining the prior good will her mouth gained with a cock in it. In the next sex scene, one of DL’s actresses exudes a genuinely eager and exciting attitude for the film’s best work in the following one or two shots. And her only mistake is not punching the inattentive cameraman in the balls for casting his shadow across her body. The penultimate encounter begins with a similarly good performance and ends perfectly presenting the actress’ breasts on screen. She falters only in not continuing her wonderfully varied reactions of intense pleasure from the missionary position into the doggy style. Graced with most naturally appealing body, the actress in the final tryst closes the action with strong visuals, which is all she has to give.

Stock image by Keisha herself, via Wikimedia Commons

A lightweight work, Dirty Laundry fits into that video category of movies whose sex scenes make it tolerable to watch, but provides nothing for the audience to remember it by.

Total Grade: C

Specialty Grade


Screenplay F


Acting B


Cinematography D
applications-multimedia Film Editing C


Visual Effects C


Audio A


Sound Editing A


Audio Effects A


Musical Score C


Production Design C


Adults Only


Expose Excellence in Erotic Film



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