Boom Boom Valdez (1988)

October 20, 2013 by adamsunderground

Stock image by Keisha herself, via Wikimedia Commons

Not everyone dreams big. Some dream only of a bar night’s gyrations and of strangers’ beds for new sensations, as does the voluptuous stripper Grace “Boom Boom” Valdez of her fulfilling vocation. Each night on stage, she publicly offers her body as a vessel to be filled and carried by the music’s pulsing beat, earning money for what she would ecstatically do for free. Crowds come eager to drink in her intoxicating moves and are soon addicted. And when her work shift’s end, she thrills to unleash her stored passion’s energy by erotically satisfying herself with her new fans. But following her heart comes with a steep price, the alienation of Grace from those dearest to her, the mother and sister who both condemn her desires. Torn, Grace must search for a solution to keep heart and home together.

Stock photo of Ona Z. Image by BuzzC, via Photobucket

Inconsistent script and production values aside, BBV rewards the patient viewer with undeniably exciting shots and situations for its excellent cast of ladies, near the peaks of their talented careers as they boost this video above the mediocrity in which it would otherwise rest.

Total Grade: B

Specialty Grade


Screenplay B


Acting A


Cinematography B
applications-multimedia Film Editing B


Visual Effects D


Audio D


Sound Editing C


Audio Effects C


Musical Score B


Production Design C

What starts out strong
and ends with sticky goo
all over the pretty birds?
Image by William Kennedy, via Flickr

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