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October 26, 2013 by adamsunderground

Fake It Right or Not at All

Meg Ryan’s hammy orgasm in When Harry Met Sally gets only one aspect correct; it has a progression. A beginning, middle, and end far too many actresses forget in their synthetic screwing, skipping any initial subtleties altogether. To evoke a sense of realism, each pairing must have its own unpredictable sensations for her to convey, unless she’s portraying a dim housewife humoring her hubby with some humdrum humping.

Often in this blog’s reviews, movies suffer greatly from actresses’ sexual performances. The possible causes are limitless on any particular day of shooting and can only be guessed without interviewing the particular actress at the moment. Ill preparation, over work, allowed apathy, personal problems, etc. all may factor against someone untrained. This post aims to lay out some fundamental responses these women should emulate in their performances to reliably create excellent, realistic sex scenes—and to be true erotic actresses.

The girl on camera doesn't have to project to the back row of seats.

The girl on camera doesn’t have to project to the back row of seats.

During sex, far too many contemporary actresses accept artificial, exaggerated gestures and vocalizations as an expected norm in the industry. It is highly likely this bad habit develops early in their careers. Single-camera, amateur Point of View videos are plagued with over coaching, as shortsighted and ignorant cameramen audibly direct their burgeoning starlets with a lazy ethos of melodrama. Of course, the careless and inattentive abuse pleasure’s easiest symptoms for expediency. The panting, moaning, writhing, and cursing flow but often mechanically so…like the brooms from the Sorcerer’s Apprentice vignette in the movie Fantasia. No, that’s not a Disney princess pictured on the left…maybe a real life actress from a Disney Channel production, but definitely not a gal from their animated movies.

To begin the steps toward correction, let’s look at physiological indications women commonly display in the genuine heat of passion–absent the myriad of caveats possible with individual variations in subjects and situations. The list below comes wholly from informal observation; it’s neither comprehensive nor scientific, so some misinterpretations and omissions are likely. Despite appearing obvious, these points properly performed are essential to attain success by any actress cursed with female sexual dysfunction from the start. And who knows, maybe one of those guys holding the camera will reevaluate his directing?

Any video illustrating these reactions ennumerated below would violate’s terms; however, demonstrations can be found in authentic homemade amateur video–not of aspiring “first-time” amateurs professionally recorded or webcam chatty cathys.

All the Right Moves

  1. Common outward signs of sincere, deep arousal, in no particular order:
    1. Note: the conscious variation should closely trail the ebb and flow of rhythmic intercourse (motion of the ocean, as it were)
      • Involuntary smiling
      • Goose bumps
      • Either shut or drooping eyelids; attentive to partner—not elsewhere
      • Sex flush/blush
      • Swollen nipples/clitoris/labia
      • Vaginal self lubrication
      • Butt and armpit sweating
      • Clutching partner for leverage
      • Heavy breathing, near primal vocalizations (matched to the action’s pace)
      • Little mental concentration available for dialogue
  2. Involuntary markers at the moment of orgasm:
    1. Results vary widely per person and event, except for instant disconnect from partner
      • Eyes shut, grimace or “O-face”
      • Catching/holding breath at event
      • Tightly clenching partner
      • Finger/toe curling
      • Legs quivering (difficult)
      • Pelvic spasms (rare)
      • Complete mental distraction by event (transcendence, earth moves, etc.)
      • Vaginal wall contractions (largely irreproducible) closely followed (if at all) by:
      • Vaginal squirting (rare, mostly multi-orgasmic trickles, irreproducible without an obvious enema geyser)
  3. Immediate post-orgasm markers
    1. Very common
      • Momentary absentmindedness/dazed expression
      • Clitoral hyper sensitivity (unless it’s, um, calloused)
      • Involuntary, euphoric smiling/sighing (prerequisite: youthful exuberance)

K.I.S.S. – Keep It Subtly Sexy

Image by James Mullineaux, via Flickr

Actresses should perform no move listed above that cannot be started with a precision imperceptible to most viewers nor that disconnects their reactions from their partners’ actions. While this is easier said than done, the constant industry demand for content allows a fresh actress a chance to add to her performance palette from careful experimentation and practice, guaranteeing she’ll vividly stand out from her monochromatic competitors.


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