Mona (1970)

January 5, 2014 by adamsunderground

mona2Soon to be wed and free from her overly protective widowed mother, young Mona withholds her virginity and more from her impatient fiancée, Tim, until he finally discovers how she wiles away her spare hours. This film, a relic of free-love era titillation, largely serves as an amusing, shallow time capsule of shocking sexual rebellion against staid traditional mores. Coasting along with levity, mostly from the sarcasm voiced by the titular character herself, the movie’s light mood is oddly upset with the brief departures of its flashback and climax sequences.


Also a bizarre little work from a technical perspective, Mona displays a stark contrast within its production values, achieving impressive results in some categories while utterly failing in others—often at the very same moment. The cinematography and locations pleases the viewer’s eye, even if the audio editing rapes the ears. It’s safe to infer that its crew labored under a shoestring budget, which should lend more appreciation to its successful aspects.


The actors, although clearly inexperienced in their craft, put forth an earnest effort overall. At times it’s even endearing how the script’s uncomplicated characters are portrayed. With tantalizing gentleness, the lesbian scene alone ensures a satisfactory screening to fans of naturally inspired performances.

So Mona isn’t a complete freak out; it and she have some groovy parts that are pretty far out, man. As a time capsule, this wild child certainly is a guilty pleasure.

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Total Grade: F
Specialty Grade
Screenplay F
Acting D
Cinematography A
Film Editing A
Visual Effects F
Audio D
Sound Editing F
Audio Effects F
Musical Score B
Production Design A

Performance Sequence & Participants*

  1. Fifi Watson, Orrin North
    • Cunn BJ
    • Cheezy title card editing, intermittent jet noise above
    • Good marks/camera angles, at times mimicking voyeurism
  2. Fifi Watson, unknown faceless guy
    • Brief BJ
    • Bathed in blue light, Fifi’s clothed, and mostly the back of her head is visible
    • This creepy flashback scene is worth skipping
  3. Fifi Watson, Calvin Victor
    • BJ
    • Great location and good dialogue before and after
    • Again, her body is absent on screen, and some bad dialogue dubbing weaken the scene
  4. Fifi Watson, Susan Stewart
    • Cunn 69
    • Excellent all around, especially lez acting–very natural and gentle
    • Arguably, this is the most visually erotic scene
  5. Judy Angel
    • Mast Toying
    • A mediocre solo, but extreme close ups show her vaginal wetness and
    • Out of three nice, natural girls, Judy has the best breasts
  6. Judy Angel, Orrin North
    • BJ 69 Miss Cowgirl
    • Bad reactions by actors
    • Good shots of her, except for some unfocused close ups
  7. Fifi Watson, Gerard Broulard
    • Mast BJ
    • Despite a nice start, this weak scene’s a pretense to entrap Fifi
    • Skip it after she starts the BJ
  8. Fifi Watson, Susan Stewart, Calvin Victor, Gerard Broulard, Orrin North
    • Gang Bang+Bondage Orgy
    • Good actor positioning and camera angles
    • It’s the move’s second or third best scene


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