Aphrodesia’s Diary (1983)

January 17, 2014 by adamsunderground

AprhoD11Aphrodesia’s Diary is a visual treasure for its expert shooting of both actress and location, and the masterful production values largely uphold that level of quality. An near non-entity, its generic soundtrack does not take any risks, a mediocrity which neither helps nor harms. Extremes cancel out a definitive ruling on the acting, as a few compelling figures are constrained by their stiff peers.

The movie’s strong storytelling peaks just shy of the halfway mark, where it becomes unavoidable to ignore the script’s pushing its protagonist through hasty vignettes with no connective material more substantive than that of dreams. In the scenes leading up to the screenplay’s unfortunate fall, the dialogue enjoys a welcome attention to detail, especially in the banter between Adrienne and Jeff. An indisputable chemistry grows between them, and not just the kind that sends her scrambling for her douche bag.

AprhoD7It is a shame that AD just misses the mark needed to unreservedly recommend it. This promising title contains all the essential elements for excellence, yet it loses sexy coherency in apparent haste.


Image by dBoutet, via Flickr

Total Grade: B
Specialty Grade
Screenplay B
Acting C
Cinematography A
Film Editing B
Visual Effects C
Audio C
Sound Editing C
Audio Effects C
Musical Score B
Production Design A

Vanessa del Rio. Image by Tomasa del Real, via Flickr

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