Skin Flicks (1978)

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An adult movie director amid filming, Harry is 10 days late and falling further behind his project’s schedule. He is a victim of his own successful methods and innate kindness.

Treating his temperamental actresses consistently with compassion and gentleness, this calm and patient professional alleviates their anxieties to coax out their most compelling performances. Clueless on how best to finish his movie with artistic integrity, honest Harry wants more time and money from a aging mobster named Al, a seedy loan shark and strip club owner who is bankrolling the picture. Impatiently demanding immediate profits, the boorish thug cares nothing for the finished film’s quality.

Harry’s agent Max tries to arbitrate a solution between these two immobile devotees of either art or commerce. But his idea to break Harry’s creative block with a weekend party only worsens the auteur’s plight, as the wife of the openly unfaithful Max also threatens Harry’s deadline and career with her brazen attempts to seduce the director.

skinflix3A close friend of Harry and his lead actress in the film, Susan desperately wants to exit this harsh industry which has worn out her spirit and sees a committed romantic pairing with Harry as a fulfilling ticket out. However, even her willingness to debase herself as he sees fit to sate his desires may not secure an exclusive relationship with him because his work so consumes him. Further complicating her situation is Norman, an abusive and obsessive writer, who desires to seize her, violently, if necessary, from Harry’s casual affections.

That is Skin Flicks’s story in a nutshell, but don’t expect any resolutions in this half-hearted post-modern offering.

As films set behind-the-scenes go, SF’s story and acting slightly exceeds Fluffer’s, yet the technical laxity of the former film is either on par or worse than that of the latter.

skinflix33Fast forward to where Harry wakes up on Max’s office couch and enjoy brash Bethanna’s tawdry audition. The session Sharon Mitchell’s Susan spends with a vibrator is worth a look, as is blonde Ann’s final foul-mouthed fuck soon after. Too flawed, the other sex scenes are more disappointing than exciting—there’s just not much meat on the bone of this skinny flick.

AU Score
Total Grade: D
Specialty Grade
Screenplay D
Acting C
Cinematography F
Film Editing D
Visual Effects C
Audio C
Sound Editing C
Audio Effects B
Musical Score C
Production Design C

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