Naughty Girls Need Love Too (1983)

March 18, 2014 by adamsunderground

FFThe girls look good, as do the location shots, but there is just no significant plot to supplement the visuals for anyone not already a devoted fan of the actresses. Lazily tying up all the loose ends, the story backfills almost all the characters’ details and futures in each of their final minutes on screen. It would be best to fast forward through the weak story, and its humor is akin to Benny Hill-style slapstick, although the professor’s scene reaches beyond that type. A young Hyapatia Lee performs a great striptease near the end that well bookends the sexy opening by the always alluring Honey Wilder. The movie’s box cover blurb(1) sets the stage:

If California is the ‘Swinging Center’ of America, then Marina Del Rey is the ‘in’ spot of the sunny state. Here live sultry stewardesses, sexy secretaries, naughty nurses and, most importantly, the guys with the time and money to ‘entertain’ them.

NAUGHTY GIRLS” shows you in intimate detail the eternal search for both sexual stimulation, and lasting personal relationships brings these residents of the new sin city together in a non-stop orgy of pure physical gratification.

This edited and safe-for-work video clip has no audio but some band’s heavy metal song added to it. You may want to watch it with the sound muted.



AU Score
Total Grade: C
Specialty Grade
Screenplay F
Acting C
Cinematography B
Film Editing D
Visual Effects C
Audio C
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects D
Musical Score B
Production Design A

  1. See this title’s listing at Adult Film Database for cover art. 


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