Dawna the Dead (2008)

April 3, 2014 by adamsunderground

It’s a dead man’s party, who could ask for more
Everybody’s comin’, leave your body at the door
Leave your body and soul at the door

-from the song Dead Man’s Party, by Oingo Boingo

Watch the trailer and you see the entire story shambling toward you like a slow-moving zombie. Two hot girls, Dawna and Ann, visit the grave of Dawna’s beloved boyfriend in a remote cemetery. Despite Ann’s disbelief in the supernatural and impatience to go to a party elsewhere, they sit among tombstones in the dead of night, using a Ouija board to summon his spirit with dry questions, but their juicy bodies are irresistible even for the undead.

All the girls are worth seeing, and, by front loading the picture with nearly all the speaking scenes, the script spares you from having to fast forward through the picture to see them. When thinking about zombie movies, softer exploitation films also come to mind. That initial expectation that Dawna the Dead will favor the implicit over explicit, letting the audience’s imagination fill in the rest, is merrily obliterated with contemporary hardcore flourishes. One in particular is from brunette Gwen Foxxx’s great acting turn as an unnamed party goer snatched while wandering the cemetery. This reviewer normally rolls his eyes at blatant enema-induced vaginal squirting, but she follows through marvellously in her squirming physicality.

Although stuck in a purgatory between gore-filled schlock and jizz-filled…er, sock, this swift movie never bogs down at any point once the action starts. Had its technical details been more consistent and/or a stronger script been present, DD would have garnered a better score. If you’re a fan of both genres with nothing really pressing to watch, grab a beer and give this little title a shot.


Stock image of Zoe Matthews by lukeisback, via Wikimedia Commons

AU Score
Total Grade: C
Specialty Grade
Screenplay F
Acting D
Cinematography D
Film Editing B
Visual Effects C
Audio B
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects C
Musical Score C
Production Design D

Image by timchizmarproductions, via Photobucket

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Adults Only


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