Pleasure Shoppe (1976)


April 5, 2014 by adamsunderground

The elderly Mr. Hoffmann runs his bookstore with his adult sons and enjoys a reputation among local young women, who gossip excitedly about this suave, silver-haired charmer and incomparable seducer. He and his sons provide stud service to any woman wandering their shop who whispers to them the password. But trouble arises for the Hoffmann family legacy when the youngest son Alex cannot overcome his crippling shyness in the presence of demanding clientèle.

It’s a promising movie that falls short of complete excellence across the board–although not for lack of skill available. Like old man Hoffmann spent from overwork, the otherwise capable production takes a nap or two, leaving some technical details unscrutinized and imperfect when compared to the near flawless visuals.

Combining the geezer sex weirdness with young girl hotness lands the Teutonic Pleasure Shoppe firmly in the Guilty Pleasure territory.

AU Score
Total Grade: B
Specialty Grade
Screenplay D
Acting B
Cinematography A
Film Editing A
Visual Effects C
Audio C
Sound Editing A
Audio Effects C
Musical Score B
Production Design B

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