Alexandra (1983)

April 14, 2014 by adamsunderground

Stopped! Halfway into the movie’s imitation of an impeding aerial collision, this reviewer hit the silky stop button to eject both himself and Alexandra’s doomed cassette from further torment. 

A small comfort emerges from this wreckage, Joanna Storm’s mangled acting has no where to hide. In other pictures she was left room for doubt in her roles, whether intentional or not. It pains the heart to see such a beauty’s incompleteness exposed like a corpse positioned with maximum indignity, but at least the open question about her initial abilities is laid to rest. 

Few actors can avoid repeating familiar patterns in their roles when they are securing regular gigs. Maybe she bucks the trend in later pictures or is guided by a director who knows how to save the actress from herself. But the odds are stacked against either. 

From the Adult Film Database, here is the movie’s summary from its box cover blurb:

The story is about three young couples and a very liberated divorcee. Four beautiful young women and three handsome young men live in lovely homes in a very rich, very fashionable suburb of New York. Alexandra knew all three men in the past; knows their wives’ secrets, and decides to throw a very interesting and surprising party!

AU Score
Total Grade: F
Specialty Grade
Screenplay D
Acting F
Cinematography C
Film Editing F
Visual Effects D
Audio D
Sound Editing F
Audio Effects F
Musical Score D
Production Design D


Adults Only


Expose Excellence in Erotic Film



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