Bad Girls 4 (1986)

April 27, 2014 by adamsunderground

Monique Gabrielle. Image by trawnta77, via Flickr

A wacky comedy with its sex situations treated as an afterthought, Bad Girls 4 may tickle only your funny bone—if that.

Three tomcatting guys, all roommates and friends in an Los Angeles apartment together, stumble upon a money making scheme. Capitalizing on the innate gifts one among them possesses, they will officially set a world record and sell its story rights for a handsome fee. It’s a record fit for any professional athlete. Before he turns 35 years old, Jamie is to have sex with 15,000 women, documented meticulously by the aspiring writer, his roommate John.

Most women cannot resist Jamie’s allure, and with the help of his two buddies in meeting them, he happily pumps and dumps anonymous gals without a care in the world. As the age deadline approaches nearly two years in, they are ahead of schedule…until three girls from small town Idaho arrive who endanger the fame these lads pursue.

It’s a movie you’ll find yourself fast forwarding through its mangled sex scenes just to get to the mediocre jokes in between.


Monique Gabrielle. Image by RayzLittleHell, via Photobucket

AU Score
Total Grade: F
Specialty Grade
Screenplay C
Acting C
Cinematography D
Film Editing F
Visual Effects D
Audio B
Sound Editing F
Audio Effects D
Musical Score F
Production Design B

Shauna Grant. Image by kevinmmartin, via Photobucket

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