Marilyn and the Senator (1975)

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The necessary ingredients for an exciting concoction exist in Marilyn and the Senator’s script–if a skilled chef had put it all together properly, but that guidance never arrived and the botched dish ultimately soils the palate.

Let’s recount what elements the MATS story has at its disposal, regardless of whether or not the screen writer recognized it: In the aftermath of the Watergate Scandal, Senator John Wolf, who cannot control his sexual impulses, has friendly ties with President Ford through their shared interest in Detroit Lions football. Mildred Wolf, the senator’s wife, encourages and exacerbates her husband’s sexual adventures with strangers, further positioning him vulnerable to foreign espionage operations and endangering government secrecy. She never suspects the senator’s eavesdropping secretary, Mr. Queep, of anything more than voyeurism, as he uses cutting-edge surveillance technology to merely satisfy his own sexual perversions. Nor does anyone question CIA honey-pot agent Susan’s wish for the senator to impregnate her. She learned of him through her friend Nancy, the senator’s long time mistress, whom he shares with innumerable other Washington bigwigs.

That’s a great deal to work with in writing a script, right? Well, don’t fret because it’s all wasted along with a few surprisingly sensual performances.

You don’t have to be John le CarrĂ© to envision the many possible scenarios with which the MATS characters can become entangled. Yet the most unimaginative story thread continues through the picture, giving little reason to sit through to its completion. When the screenwriter uses the Watergate scandal as a backdrop, nobody cares whether or not a senator overcomes a bout of psychologically induced impotency to be sperm donor. Oops–spoiler. That’s the thrust of the entire lame story. The twist ending shocks, but only superficially, as it’s a shameless and reckless gambit to capture an audience’s attention, who have long since become apathetic from boredom.



AU Score
Total Grade: D
Specialty Grade
Screenplay D
Acting D
Cinematography B
Film Editing F
Visual Effects C
Audio C
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects C
Musical Score D
Production Design D

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