Whatever Happened to Miss September (1973)

May 20, 2014 by adamsunderground

The box cover blurb spoils the entire plot, which nullifies any desire for this reviewer to tease the movie:

When Tom Forbes falls in love with a centerfold girl, he doesn’t let it go at that. Since he’s wealthy, he can have anything he wants, so he hires a private investigator to find the girl and bring her to him. It’s discovered that the girl, Barbie, had to be forced into posing for that magazine. The detective finds out that Barbie was also used to make a porno flick and buys a reel to show his employer. He tries to talk Tom out of wanting Barbie when he discovers she works in an orgy house, but no deal. Then he sets up a meeting with Barbie herself and finds out what is so wonderful about her. He can’t bear to give her up to Tom, his employer, and decides to keep lusty Barbie all to himself.

Good acting props up the opening scene but immediately evaporates as this hastily executed story lurches from one set piece to another. Despite having good production values and an attempt, fumbling as it may be, at variety in sexual situations, Whatever Happened to Miss September fails to create convincing depth in its forgettable, flat characters.


Stock image of Tina Russell by RayzLittleHell, via Photobucket

AU Score
Total Grade: B
Specialty Grade
Screenplay C
Acting C
Cinematography B
Film Editing D
Visual Effects C
Audio B
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects C
Musical Score C
Production Design B

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