Lust Connection (1987)

August 9, 2014 by adamsunderground

Stock photo of Angel Kelly. Image by miqrop-net, via Photobucket

A parody of the old television dating show, Love Connection, this movie simulates a single episode where a handful of couples describe their kinky blind dates, which are presented in flashbacks. As the game show progresses with more contestants, whose stories become more tawdry than the last, Lust Connection’s excitable host whips himself into a later until the final surprise follows the last segment’s departure from the airwaves.

It’s an average title, worth a glance to fans of the actresses involved that would send most casual consumers scurrying for their fast-forward buttons.

Spoilers, not of plot but of putz plotz, populate the critique that follows.

A standalone television program episode, LC’s story does not take any risks in its structure. It’s another hastily constructed flashback-vignette piece, easily lost among countless others, but the dialogue soemtimes rises above filler material. Although a few of the script’s jokes succeed, more comedic elements could aid immersion into LC’s world. Interjecting fiction TV commercials between the show’s segments, a la the ’80s film Robocop, would create more opportunities for LC to distinguish itself as a more original work than its competition.

Nearly every female contestant’s persona are under developed and could easily be solidified with a few tweaks. The first one on the LC couch, although the best sex performer in the video, Alicia Monet’s Gidget neglects her trademark feather to entice the audience. Coming on the heels of LC’s host promoting her famed feather massage skill, this disappointment starts the film off on a bad foot. Gidget merely holds the quill in her hand for a few seconds before ditching it and bluntly initating copulation with her partner. Only an added minute of feather-flicking foreplay or even innuendo with him prior would fulfill her ballyhooed reputation. If not that then Gidget’s brief solo scene while awaiting her blinddate’s arrival could have introduced the feather as an instrument in her own auto arrousal instead. However, Monet does subtly escalate her sexual reactions with professional grace and natural style amid the action, which eases some of the feather’s false start.

Faulty logic next threatens to ruin one of LC’s funniest scenes after the feather dust up. Business woman and LC contestant Denise, played by Angel Kelly, inexplicably meets her mystery date at her own massage parlor, which fronts for her illegal brothel, adding both a confusing setting and premise to an already vague character. As she explains to him, Denise’s purpose for appearing on LC is to bypass romance and obtain sex from strangers. Who would believe that a cathouse madame has difficulty meeting new men? Instead of this nebulous reasoning she should tell her LC man of the moment that her exposure on the game show is free advertising for her parlor, then bribe him with an employee orgy to ensure his silence, averting any bafflement as to the location’s suitability for a blind date.

The last two encounters in this movie involve a tenuously developed theme about females fans of erotic cinema–an intriguing idea for feminine sensuality that is largely lost both times in the stampede to sex. Such sexy stars Ona Z and Shanna McCullough shine, albeit briefly, despite the plot and director’s disservice to crafting anticipation.


Stock photo of Ona Z. Image by BuzzC, via Photobucket

AU Score
Total Grade: C
Specialty Grade
Screenplay C
Acting C
Cinematography B
Film Editing D
Visual Effects C
Audio F
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects B
Musical Score D
Production Design C


Adults Only


Expose Excellence in Erotic Film



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