Heaven’s Touch (1983)

November 13, 2014 by adamsunderground

heavt2Imaginative and well-executed visuals are evident throughout this picture, especially the opening sequence before the title card. Other elements languish in inconsistency. The script appears as an idea not fully executed about the oft used afterlife theme, where a young man taken too soon from this world must choose another person’s body to inhabit. Despite embarking upon familiar, whimsical territory, a purposeful beginning in this film is lost to a tangent midway that loses sight of the premise. And a rushed conclusion in desperation for a happy ending, which even neglects that odd middle sequence that shoe-horns a muddled message about corporate excess, increases viewers’ bewilderment once the final credits roll. Uneven acting, where a character can be credible in one scene but contrived in the next, brings a funhouse mirror effect–amusing in some moments, disturbing in others.

But don’t lose sight of the fact that a few sincerely enjoyable moments dot the lustrous, although brittle, celluloid of Heaven’s Touch.



AU Score
Total Grade: B
Specialty Grade
Screenplay B
Acting B
Cinematography A
Film Editing B
Visual Effects A
Audio A
Sound Editing C
Audio Effects C
Musical Score D
Production Design A


Adults Only


Expose Excellence in Erotic Film



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