Candy Stripers (1978)

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It is sunny Sharon’s last day as a hospital Candy Striper, toiling under the scowls of head Striper Miss O’Neill, or “Sarge” as everyone calls the prim busybody. But before Sharon’s co-workers can throw her a going-away party at the end of the shift, the inexhaustible blonde aims to say her own special goodbyes throughout the entire lust-filled hospital.


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AU Score
Total Grade: D
Specialty Grade
Screenplay D
Acting C
Cinematography D
Film Editing D
Visual Effects C
Audio B
Sound Editing D
Audio Effects D
Musical Score B
Production Design C

Concise review: It’s as empty as these boxes. Image by dmorris10003, on Flickr

The Verdict


Beginning as a broad comedy, the script largely ignores half-hearted such set ups further in the film. It fails to develop characters and situations about them. In a single day the story takes place mostly in the hospital, with no underlying tensions beyond any strained muscles earned during pretend impulse-driven sex. Initial friction hinted between superior striper Sarge and her charges never materializes. No conflict exists between nurses and stripers, doctor and stripers, or even between the stripers themselves. It’s unclear whether Sharon beds people to satisfy formerly suppressed desires or to sexually service as selfless duty. And to top it all off there’s no palpable build up to the Sharon’s farewell party that evening, which turns out to be the film’s aimless and meandering “climax.”

Yankee Doodle

Except for Cindy’s commuting montage in the opening credits, Candy Stripers takes place entirely in studio, easily replicating the “sterile” hospital setting. Two scenes in bedroom sets flutter by fast enough to uphold the illusion. These production values, while economical, never stray from a baseline of competence. Two simplistic original songs comprise the score with some instrumentals, all of which never feel intrusive to the action.

On the other hand the cinematography disappoints with far too many extreme close-ups on penis and not enough actress exposure, as noted below.


A lithe nymph up for anything, Amber Hunt receives the most screen time. Mimi Morgan’s slim, elegant figure is woefully underexposed, as is Sharon Thorpe’s coiled spinster who’s drawn tighter than a bow string. If nothing else Candy Stripers would improve if it were to delve deeper into Phaedra Grant’s Mrs. Robinson/Rogers persona, fleshing out the most tangible personality in the story.

Even with all this natural beauty present in its cast, including some endearing post-coital smiles sprouting up, Candy Stripers does not create enough sensuality and excitement to entertain as much more than a relic trawling for cheap publicity by provoking censors. The superficial film’s success at the time could only be due to its a box-ticking approach toward cheap risqué acts: anilingus, fisting, insertion, spanking, 20+ minute orgy, etc.

Actress Character
Amber Hunt Pam
Eileen Wells Kitty
Lauren Black Nurse
Mimi Morgan Margie
Cris Cassidy Cindy
Nancy Hoffman Sharon
Phaedra Grant Mrs. Rogers
Sharon Thorpe “Sarge” O’Neill
Bron White Unknown


Sex Scene Breakdowns

Scenes 9-15 are all part of one big orgy

1. Cris Cassidy

Being a brief cold-open with tongue-in-cheek acting, this initial teaser scene gets a pass for its lack of explicit action. Cassidy on her back does not flatter those breast implants, whose unnatural forms only appear here with any prominence. The abrupt way her character’s demeanor switches from husky-voiced, orgasmic enrapture to a chipper composure in telephone conversation works as humor. But it cannot help but presage webcast performances of today, where careless actresses in that venue will repeatedly sacrifice either sensual mystique or mood by blurting replies to their audience in polite tones utterly out of context.

2. Nancy Hoffman

A clothed Hoffman fellates and receives a facial, shown from a worm’s eye perspective. The scene is a dud, as even its public exposure is bungled by the script, which left it bereft of consequence.

3. Amber Hunt

Some on screen heat emerges with Hunt’s assisting a male patient attempt to urinate that develops into a hand and blow job. Despite having one of the best bodies in this picture, Hunt’s monotonous line delivery makes her appear either stoned or uninterested for most of the picture. This scene is film’s heart–where the most daring sexual exploits take place and, in comparison, upstage the climax later: Hunt receiving cunnilingus, then doggy-style followed by anilingus; finally with her being fisted, to which she deftly reacts in a progression from tentative sensitivity, restraining the man’s arm at first, to later aggressively tugging on his arm to thrust harder.

4. Lauren Black, Nancy Hoffman

In this gag scene Morgan encounters a euphoric Black seated at a nurse station and discovers Hoffman under the counter performing cunnilingus under her hiked up skirt. It’s quick, only showing Black’s groin for a minute or two.

5. Mimi Morgan, Nancy Hoffman

The gag continues as Black is surprised to find Morgan in her place, trying out Hoffman’s tongue for herself. It’s a shame this is the most you see of Morgan, a stunning and elegant brunette beauty, and the fleeting glimpse in the finale doesn’t count for much. Since this scene and the prior are sight gags, they’re weak as sources for titillation.

6. Cris Cassidy, Phaedra Grant

Grant’s Mrs. Rogers, caught by Cassidy while inserting a banana, enlists the blonde’s aid in receiving her daily allowance of potassium. The erotic scenario enjoys moderate success on screen–likely due to the groundwork laid before in hinting at the tactful Mrs. Rogers’s desires, but the action isn’t as thoroughly sensual on its surface as Hunt’s more spontaneous hand job earlier.

7. Eileen Wells, Nancy Hoffman

This MFF three-way, a bit clunky in execution, feels too contrived and hurried. Paul Thomas spanking Eileen Wells during doggy-style may be one of the act’s first significant instances in mainstream adult film, an unexpected curiosity for a light-hearted 1978 title.

8. Amber Hunt

Hunt’s character registers her disappointment at her partner’s lack of romance, echoing this reviewer’s sentiments of the film. The scene’s whole premise has an obligatory sense about it, where her partner realizes his ill defined dream of seducing her. The desire on display must have been simmering for the entire course of a lunch break in the hospital cafeteria.

9. Nancy Hoffman, Sharon Thorpe, Eileen Wells, Cris Cassidy, Mimi Morgan, Lauren Black, Phaedra Grant

Like most orgy scenes this one is a visual mess, and it’s not aided by an obvious twist, the unexciting sexual liberation of Thorpe’s character that kick off the party. This whole poorly staged affair staggers on for over twenty minutes, feeling like a forced march to a prison camp that performs medical experimentation, distilling lethality from boredom.

16. Eileen Wells, Lauren Black, Mimi Morgan, Cris Cassidy, Nancy Hoffman, Phaedra Grant, Sharon Thorpe

The boys take a rest and watch as the girls continue in an all-female fuck session. A good idea, the scene is still fatally hobbled, unable to gain traction from the overly long and uninspiring event immediately preceding it.

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